Changzhou Shenghui Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company for developing and manufacturing electro acoustic parts at earlier. Our products are widely used all over the world in control circuits to give alarm signals. As the high efficiency trading, effective technique support and competitive prices, we win the trusts from our customers, and they relegate some control circuit board to us for processing. Further more, manufacturers in Mainland China supply us electrical parts. So our price is reasonable for our customers to reduce product 's cost.

We own a team of professional engineers. They continuously take part in researching and developing the customers' products with their innovation abilities. They can give good advices and supply new-designed products to customers. This is one of the important reasons why we develop the OEM business so rapidly. Hope having opportunities to work together with you!

If you have any questions about products,or have any suggestions, please call 210.364.2812 to get kind help and consulting.

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